Turn your fruit into free cider (or juice) ...

Are you able to pick the fruit yourself?  If so, you'll receive approximately 15% of the juice that is derived from your apples or pears in the form of free juice or cider … and make that 20% if you can get bring the fruit to out barn.

For example, 100 kgs of apples will make about 50 litres of juice or cider.  Your share of that will be 10 litres, in the form of 20 x 500ml bottles.  The retail price of a bottle of artisanal cider is generally around £2.50 to £3, giving your free cider a value of between £50 and £60 ... and the knowledge that your apples or pears have been put to good use.

Not able to pick the apples yourself?

If you'd like us to pick the fruit, we will make every effort to do so - we hate to see anything go to waste - but sometimes we just can't get round to every garden and orchard in time.  Also, if we pick the fruit we're only able to give you around 5% of the juice that comes from your apples as we do have to take account of the time it takes us.  

An example to follow ...

In 2015, a family in Winchcombe gave us 190kgs of apples from just one tree in their back garden, most of which was picked on one sunny autumn evening.  That one evening's effort resulted in them getting 3 litres of the most delicious pressed apple juice, plus 32 bottles of fine Bushel + Peck cider.

If you're interested in supplying your surplus fruit then please click here ... Become a fruit supplier ... or fill out the form on the "Become a fruit supplier" page. Thank you.