An hollow tree

An apparently healthy mature apple tree with an hollow trunk, this in an orchard in Tirley, Gloucestershire.  The important thing is that xylem and phloem still exist and function in the remaining wood and bark, keeping the old thing going.  And yes, more new trees in the background ...36 planted and guarded in 3 adjoining orchards.

An orchard refreshed

The old and the new. The old trees to the left of the picture supplied some of the unsprayed cider apples picked and pressed last autumn to make Bushel+Peck rich+mellow cider.  To make sure that this traditional orchard provides a welcome habitat for literally hundreds of species well into the future, as well as apples aplenty, we've added 25 new trees.  What was looking like a knackered, forgotten field now feels like a place cared for, reinvigorated and refreshed.

In case you're interested, these are the varieties we planted:

Apples: Ashmead's Kernel, Blenheim Orange, Bramley, Broxwood Foxwhelp, Chisel Jersey, Dabinett, Discovery, Harry Master's Jersey, Newton Wonder, Spartan, Sweet Alford, Tewkesbury Baron, Worcester Permain

Plums: Early Prolific, Marjorie's Seedling, Victoria, Warwickshire Drooper

Pears: Barnet, Conference.