Why we do things the way we do...

It’s been said that when you have two cider-makers in a room then you’ve at least three or more opinions, and that probably extends to the reasons why cider-makers become cider-makers.

To make money? Not if our experience is anything to go by and not the primary motivation, I think, for the craft cider-makers we’ve met. The pleasure of making something that people enjoy drinking must be part of it, one would have thought. Also appealing is the immediacy between the fruit that goes into the cider, in many instances grown by the cider-maker him- or herself, and the end result, with so many opportunities to influence the whole process; it’s a personal thing and that’s why there are so many different styles of cider. Cider-makers enjoy being cider-makers.

So how do we go about things? There’s a clue on the front of our label … and over the next few days, weeks and months we’ll blog (or vlog) more about why we do things the way we do.