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Photographer? Win a free case of cider ...

Send your own picture of Bushel+Peck in your own local environment, urban or rural, inside or out, foul weather or fair.  We're offering a monthly prize of a free case of cider for the Picture of the Month. We'll publish and accredit your picture(s) here ... and we may use it for general publicity as well.

Basic, sensible, rules apply; you have to be 18 or over; the pictures have to be decent, legal and honest; if a person or people are included in the image then it's on the understanding that you have their permission for the image to be published; don't take silly risks trying to take the perfect picture (we'd like you to enjoy Bushel+Peck cider, not die for it).

With apologies to the 7 billion people who don't live in the UK, and until Bushel+Peck has a global distribution network, we can only deliver the prize to an address in the United Kingdom.

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